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Death Eater Revels At Portus


Death Eater Revels at Portus
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Control Central for all Death Eaters at the Portus HP Convention
This community is control central for organizing death eater events at Portus.

It is our hope to gather cosplayers who like playing the villian, because evil is fun, and sexy, and somebody has to be the villian. We also like to wear black because it is both elegant and slimming.

As cosplayers performing as Death Eaters, this site is to organize ourselves for a full frontal cosplay attack performance for the fans. We shall rise victorious over the Order, despite the seventh book.

Please feel free to ask questions about death eater cosplay. For one, no silly pointy hats. Masks are silver, not gold, or white. Dark marks are required. Any body type can play a death eater. You shall defer to cosplayers dressed as The Dark Lord. You must have knowledge of dueling, hexes, jinxes, snarky comments, and unforgivables. You must recognize the "enemy", which is any other cosplayer dressed as Harry Potter, A Weasley, any Order member, or an Auror.

Yours in cosplay fun,

DE 2nd Class.

Our Portus SS-HG affiliate Live Journal group is at portus_sshg

Hit the button below for a direct link to the Portus Web Site (The nice folks who did Prophecy)-