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Crosspost.. Art, Schedules, Recruiting, etc. - Death Eater Revels At Portus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Death Eater Revels at Portus

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Crosspost.. Art, Schedules, Recruiting, etc. [Jun. 25th, 2008|07:34 pm]
Death Eater Revels at Portus


[Current Mood |rushedSpaz]

Check out this art of the Carrows!   http://loonyl.deviantart.com/art/The-Carrows-89141687

Working on costumes and starting to freak out.  I need a house elf.  I think I am getting over the pnuemonia.

I am certain not all death eaters at Portus are on Live Journal.  If you see any at the con, invite them to hang out.   The more Death Eaters, the more impressive this showing will be.  But we have at least 28 or so confirmed DEs.      

Especially if you see other Death Eaters on Thursday, they can be with us at the Welcoming feast if they choose.  This is going to be interesting, because I have no idea what other folks outside this realm are up to.

This is a repeat but the Portus schedule  and general activites for death eaters is here:


There is a cosplay even in the common room.  If Death Eaters want to do something together- someone please contact 

 Call for Cosplay Performers!

This is for all those cosplayers who put many hours into their creations, designs, and artwork to reflect their ship, favorite character, or just a fun Hogwarts-themed witch or wizard. Did you take a real person out of history and intertwine them with the Harry Potter universe? Come tell us about them. We could all use a history lesson or two. Think you know all there is to know about your canon character? Let the quizzing begin!

For an hour on Friday and Saturday, people with cosplay creations will get to show their stuff. They can perform non-judged skits, or different people can talk about the groups in which they are involved. Keep it clean, and keep it safe! Apparation wards are up, Floo network is off, no Unforgivables! (aka, nothing dirty to pick up, use your imagination!)These entries must be pre-approved by the Common Room staff and must have scripts and group biographies reviewed before Portus.

For more information, please contact Lauren Johnson, Head of Common Room, at commonroom@portus2008.org.

Droxy update:  I learned that it will either be Friday or Saturday in the early afternoon.  I think I can do it.